Word on the Street

"I found this dance very intriguing: beautiful movers, quirky, inventive, dry, leggy, strong, that exit backwards, good grief! This has a lot of really fabulous elements in it."

Gerri Houlihan, former member of the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company

"You’ve [Douglas & Co.] got a lot of stuff that’s out together in smart interesting provocative ways."

"The trio [No thing] at the beginning with the use of breath was lovely, eccentric, the relationship between the 3 people and kind of finding uses for the negative spaces in their bodies.... That was very witty, whimsical imagination."

David Parker, Co-Founder of the Bang Group

"It was so beautifully seamless how you got from one section to connect. That was so masterfully done, how you [J. Douglas] strung them together, even though they didn’t belong together. It was like... I’ll take a potato and a car... and it worked together so nicely! Anyways, that was very satisfying. Super satisfying to see how you do it... smartly done, and really enjoyable."

"I also really enjoyed your relationship to the music, very patient, you [J. Douglas] know not a step-for-note kind of dance, where there was a feeling like you had to really respond to every aspect of it. You let the music unfold and you stayed, the dancers stayed as important. And that was really nice to see, that sense of patience with music."

Hillary Easton, Founder of Hillary Easton + Company

"The structure, the dancers' intent as guided by you [J. Douglas], they speak to me.The spatial relationships speak, the sparseness of the costumes and stark lighting are evocative, the intensity of the cast, these all speak to me. They give me a tone, a feeling."

Orion Duckstein, former member of the Paul Taylor American Modern Dance Company

 "This solo [Meraki] with the hand and foot puzzle... I thought was brilliant. I loved subtlety in this and that virtuosity. It’s meticulous." 

"[the lies we tell ourselves] A sentient machine being highlighted by various angles."

Gerald Casel, Artistic Director of GeraldCaselDance

"This is a really fascinating work. ...really beautifully constructed...just so, so vividly realized."

"The idea of the ensemble as landscape was very good, very fascinating to me."

"How you utilized that and how you utilized the skill level of all of your performers. It never felt like anybody is reaching for the step, or that anyone’s waiting to get to the big stuff. It really felt like everybody was very much on the same page with the work. It allowed itself to reveal. It came to me, it’s as much about the space between people as it was about the individuals themselves. That’s really powerful on the stage."

 James Sutton, former teacher at the Julliard School and founder of James Sutton and Dancers.